what's in a name? for much of our lives, it informs who we are and how we see ourselves. our middle names, however, are somewhat of an enigma. to some, they represent a connection to a family history seldom explored; to others, middle names are a new layer of the self, unbothered by the connotations of familiarity. middle name mag was born of a desire to examine our rough edges and redefine our self-perception. through words and visuals, middle name mag aims to embrace imperfection and reject the curated personas cultivated by other publications.





maye hadley mcphail, editor in chief

maye hadley is sixteen and has mixed feelings about herself. she currently likes dogs, words, and freddie mercury. you can reach her at mayemcphail@gmail.com.


julianna elizabeth chen, managing editor

julianna elizabeth is fifteen and enjoys consuming chocolate chip cookies, reading picture books, and writing the occasional poem or two. you can reach her at juliannachen30@gmail.com.


kaitlen alexandra cerney, assistant editor

kaitlen alexandra is eighteen going on forty and thinks david bowie is better than you. she consumes and creates fashion, music, and love, among other pastimes. you can reach her at kaitlen.cerney@gmail.com.


isabel mercedes garcia, visual editor

isabel mercedes is sixteen and enjoys singing along to bruce springsteen, using unconventional methods of transportation, and taking long showers.


artists and writers

gayle bernabe belvis, photography

emily johanna kontos, words

norma guadalupe levya, words and art

grace eliene olson, words







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