Take This Hand

Middle Name Mag - Sunday, July 03, 2016 

The music begged for reciprocation,

For an eye to see the heart
Beating the metronome of rhythmic possibility
For an ear to hear the honesty chanted at the level of connection, like a plea.
Desperate to exchange sincerity with the ones willing to listen,
For a tongue to taste the sweat of dedication,
The persistence of waking up the next morning
Is uncertainty
As if experiencing the day through the innocence
Of a baby, learning and trying
And failing
Until the first steps click,
Gripping understanding with a clenched fist.
For a nose to smell the energy dispersing
Through the air like smoke,
The electricity of passion manifested in seized gifts,
The risk of chased dreams
Reaping bonfires that demand attention.
For the hand to touch the essence of the meaning behind the words,
To give in to the call,
Drawn into visceral overload
As if overturning bodily control.
The music begged for reciprocation,
For someone to take its hand and
Never let go.


-ileana lucia



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