Middle Name Mag - Friday, April 29, 2016 

she had been smoking outside of the language studies department and her cheeks were flushed from the certain change in temperature but her eyes were the most vivid you’d ever see them


you asked her name and she replied quickly, but the following words were laced with mild curiosity


“phoebe, you?”




she glanced down at the pavement and inhaled sharply but you noticed the corners of her mouth curve upwards ever-so-slightly, as though she was amused about something you couldn’t even begin to comprehend, but of course you didn’t notice that then


you were too caught up in the way she held herself up, the way she gesticulated when she stressed her words even though the conversation was anything but serious, the way she looked just directly past you until she said something that piqued your interest and looking at you so directly that you almost felt a string attaching the two of you and fixing your gaze upon each other


again, maybe you’re just imagining what happened and translating it into something far more beautiful than it ever was


five of your favorite minutes


you got her number


she got yours


that’s all


- isabel mercedes

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